Market Research

At Palmer Research, the foundation of our business is market research. Our core expertise is designing, executing, and analyzing custom research studies that deliver the data you need to make informed decisions about your marketing and sales strategies. Below is just a sample of the research capabilities we offer:

• Media Audience Surveys
• Website Profile Research
• Corporate and Product Branding Research
• Attitude and Usage Surveys
• Brand Tracking Studies
• Customer and Partner Satisfaction Surveys
• New Product Development Surveys


Marketing Programs

Palmer Research uses a data-driven approach to help clients increase their marketing ROI. Building on intelligence gained from primary research we conduct or secondary research available in the marketplace, we can help drive the development and execution of marketing programs by creating assets that produce qualified leads for marketing and support the efforts of your sales force. A sample of the marketing capabilities we offer is as follows:

• White Papers
• Webinars
• Events
• Demand generation campaigns
• Datasheets
• Marketing Collateral
• Sales Training Materials
• Competitive Analyses
• Customer/Partner Presentations
• Executive Briefings




Marketing Strategy

What sets Palmer Research apart from  run of the mill survey companies is the insights we provide to our clients that impact market strategy. Leveraging information from custom or third party research, we engage with senior management on projects such as:
• Marketing Program Audits
• Opportunity Assessments
• Product Positioning
• Messaging
• Pricing
• Go-to-market Strategies